About Us

The McAfee Language School was created by a group of mums who wanted their children to learn a language, but didn't want to have to travel to Sydney for native speakers.
Our aim to be a school that allows all who are interested in learning Chinese to do so with native speakers.
The school is supported by the NSW Department of Education Community Language Program and a member of Association of Illawarra Community Languages Schools Inc (AICLS).
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Let's learn Chinese!

The McAfee Language School teaches the Chinese language Mandarin or standard Chinese, which is the national official language of China. 

Learning a language gives children the chance to engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of our world. We are guided by the NSW Education Standards Authority's Chinese K-10 Syllabus. 

Here at the McAfee Language School, we aim to provide opportunities for children learn to use Chinese in a range of authentic situations. We encourage our students to experience Chinese through listening, speaking, reading and writing activities. Our program provides children with social and cultural activities that encourage language development, critical thinking skills and problem skill development in a fun and interactive environment.

Small classes = big learning

We like to give our students as much opportunitity to interact with a native Mandarin speaker as possible - so for that reason, we keep our classes small. All classes are capped at a maximum of 12 students to ensure that individualised learning is possible. 


The benefits of native speakers

Our teachers are all native speakers giving our students the opportunity to learn the correct pronunciation when speaking Mandarin. There are many benefits of learning from a native speaker. When a native speaker is the teacher, they can:

  • Provide authentic and practical use of vocabulary

  • Offer a deep knowledge and understanding of the culture

  • Use correct accent and punctuation

  • Adopt the language in a fun and natural way

  • Encourage students to practice and use the language 

Not-for profit

We believe in all children having access to learning a second or additional language and as such, we are a not-for profit organisation. This means that we are able to charge reasonable fees to encourage as many children as possible to experience and enjoy learning Mandarin and Chinese culture. 



We are taking applications for our 2019 classes now.

Our classes are available on afternoons and we are taking names for families interested in Saturday classes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries. We are always happy to help


Explore some of the fun we have while learning Chinese!