Our Staff

All our staff are native speakers of Mandarin


There are many benefits of learning from a native speaker. When a native speaker is the teacher, they can:

  • Provide authentic and practical use of vocabulary

  • Offer a deep knowledge and understanding of the culture

  • Use correct accent and punctuation

  • Adopt the language in a fun and natural way

  • Encourage students to practice and use the language 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Beau with characters.jpg
Beau McAfee
Head teacher

Beau McAfee who is the founder of the McAfee Language School.


Born in Shanghai, she is a native Chinese speaker and is a qualified educator holding a Bachelor of Education from China. Beau is also a qualified language teacher in Australia holding a Language Teaching Certificate completed in Australia.

Beau relocated to Australia many years ago and now calls Australia home. She is passionate about celebrating the culture and language of China and loves sharing her passion with her students. 

Juliet Zhu
Class teacher

Juliet Zhu brings a wealth of teaching experience and knowledge from her studies and work in China.


Born in Beijing, the capital city of China, she taught western students Mandarin as a University lecturer at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China.


Juliet also holds a Bachelor of Education degree which she achieved in China and is currently undertaking a Language Teaching Course in Australia.